J. C. Kuehn Miller

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Entirely About Edamame

It’s a lonely thing- going crazy. Everyone has their preconceived ideas of insanity, but the reality is, not all crazies are the same. I do not belong in the psycho … Continue reading

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The fireflies ascend in streaks against the purple dusk sky, (Let us be attentive) gracefully dancing like ballerinas shooting heavenward like resurrected falling stars. Their erect posture centers the collective … Continue reading

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From Fall to Spring

In the form of fall, Our green lives take on color; In the likeness of dawn, The fiery fingers warm our eyes. After all the words have been said And … Continue reading

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The Eyes Deceive What the Mind Perceives

“I see she has royalty in her blood. The way she holds her back slightly arched, chin in. She carries a grace; she flows. Her perfectly toned shoulders press up … Continue reading

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The Serenade

Softly now. Let us drown the newborn in blessed kisses. Set it ablaze. Walk with me. Our futures are intertwined like threads in a Persian tapestry. Rising and falling, upright … Continue reading

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Wine and “Love”

Never have I looked Looked into eyes like yours. Your smile reminds me Of that joy In finding a sand dollar On the shore Revealed in the receding waves. I … Continue reading

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I Must Awake

The meaning of forever is lost somewhere between sleep and waking. Forever feels further than the echoes of Eden resounding in our forlorn hearts. The perfect face faded in the … Continue reading

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It wasn’t a face…

It wasn’t a face you would see in a movie with perfect skin and well trimmed lines. It wasn’t painted or sculpted. It had character, personality. You could see joy, … Continue reading

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Un Autre Genre de Silence

I started this poem at one ‘til twelve undoubtedly it’s minuit maintenant… Tu dors dans ta chambre Et je rêve ici under the belfry. Forget the lost time we have; we could start … Continue reading

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Cataracts & Catechisms

Forgetting all that we use to be following shadows down these foreign corridors watching the ghosts as they walk by, whispering a hollow tune caught by spider’s webs and the … Continue reading

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Forget Me Not: Your Name

For that first glance, the second embrace The third gasp for air-I’ve waited too many years. Who knew that such a distance would bring us closer Than ever before? Deciding … Continue reading

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