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The Cackalacky Papers Release and Acknowledgements

It’s finally done. By done, I mean, there’s at least 3 remaining typos. Can’t win them all.

What’s done?

My Book, “The Cackalacky Papers,” is published and ready for your consumption. I would recommend reading twice, daily, with your choice of moonshine or eastern Carolina style BBQ.

So here’s the scoop. Hard copies of the book are available in downtown Wake Forest at the Wake Forest Coffee Company or you can order them through the online store.

How much does it cost?

If you order the book online, it is $7.99 plus shipping. If you grab a copy from a downtown Wake Forest store, it is $8 flat.

Don’t have $8? That’s the reason I made the eBook download completely free. If you like what you see, feel free to purchase a hard copy.

Visit the Store

Buy the Book

Download the eBook



Finally, in the spirit of Thanksgiving (happy Thanksgiving, by the way), I would like to give a brief shout-out to everyone either directly or inadvertently involved in “The Cackalacky Papers.”

First and foremost, I would like to thank the original Word who is the creator and keeper of life. I know the book was written when I was far from your heart. Forgive me for all my selfish ambitions, looking to please myself before You. Thank you for keeping me alive this long.

My parents are two of the most sacrificial and loving people in my life. They haven’t always appreciated what I’ve written either on a moral standpoint or a “we hated poetry when we were in school” stance, but they have encouraged me nonetheless. I still have the poems y’all wrote me for my high school graduation/ birthday.

My brother Noah, whom I have seen but a handful of times since he was 12. It may seem that we have grown apart, but I still think and pray for you often. In compiling the book, I looked at every story and poem and asked myself, “would I let Noah read this?”

Albert Barneto and all the crew over the years at Wake Forest Coffee Company, thank you for not shooing me away like a stray cat.

To all of the Over the Falls crew, thank you for not cutting me off. You should have, but that you for keeping my glasses filled.

My dear friends that I count as family, Pacer and Eunice. Thank you for opening your home to me. Y’all have been gone for 3 days now and I still haven’t burnt down the place.

The cover photograph was done by Valerie Spencer. Thank you for putting up with my “eccentricity.” There’s a couple poems in there for you. Yes, Dr. Spencer, I lied to you last night. She’s in the book, you just have to look.

A couple of years ago, my friend Brodie did a photoshoot with me in Wake Forest. One of the pictures is the author picture on the back of the book. Stay warm in Romania.

Ashley and Narci (Jonathan), thanks for the tickets.

The gypsy duo Austin Moss and Arielle Bryant of Pisces Rising, thank you for your feedback, helping my writing, and for providing the world with excellent music.

For everyone that has read my book, will read my book, or will burn the book, a special thanks to you. I write for you.

“Here’s to my land, the Old North State.”


To Oscar Gray, the dog that hates me.


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