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The Unbearable Weight of the Cross

One of the greatest shortcomings in modern Christianity is the cheerful acceptance of a lifestyle based on the Bible rather than the solemn understanding of the true gravity of this great religion. It has been reduced to weak platitudes, cheap Instagram snapshots of Christians “doing life” together over cute ceramic mugs of cappuccinos, and never-ending, circular debates over Calvin and Hermanszoon.

The disservice of merrily welcoming someone to the faith without also offering sympathetic condolences misleads the new believer into thinking they just signed up for the Power Ball with the winning numbers. No, we should put an arm around them and console them for acquiring a terminal disease.

So often do we focus on the “child-like faith” rather than the “putting away of childish things.” We forget that following Christ means to deny ourselves and “take up our crosses to follow” Him. We forget that Christ fell under the weight of his own cross.

We find and fund organizations whose employees seek to alleviate the burdens of this world from the downtrodden when the alternative they truly offer is a life of pain, doubt, and displacement. We misquote Jeremiah 29:11 when we offer it as comfort rather than acknowledgment that Israel was indeed in captivity.

Do not weep for those who encounter doubt. Encourage them. Doubt is not the opposite of faith. Doubt is a byproduct of faith.

My faith is great because I have great doubt. Christianity is a reasonless religion because we cannot grasp the rationality of the Passion.

I say all this not as discouragement, but one of admittance that this life is the most difficult. Take heart, when you find yourself toying with the thought that your questions can be answered in a mangled car underneath an 18-wheeler, know that whether or not you decide to edge the steering wheel at that moment, you will still one day die and know the truth.


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