J. C. Kuehn Miller

Read. Write. Repeat. Aspire to be a Janitor.

I Must Awake

The meaning of forever is lost
somewhere between sleep
and waking.
Forever feels further
the echoes of Eden
resounding in our forlorn hearts.

The perfect face faded
in the dawn’s early light
and her memory slipped
through the cracks
in my mind.

“Have I met you before?”
She smiled and sighed,

“Not yet,
but if you wake,
you will find.”

The world was on fire
but nothing mattered more
than the brush of her hair
on my ear.

In my dreaming
I feel the most alive.

When I’m awake
life is a nightmare.

When I asked her name
she simply said,

“I am Wind.
My brothers are the trees,
my sisters- the stars
my mother is the earth
and I never knew my father.”

She stood to leave,

“You must awake.”

My stomach sank
and I opened my eyes.
I cried after her,
“Where can I find you?”
she was already gone.

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