J. C. Kuehn Miller

Read. Write. Repeat. Aspire to be a Janitor.


The fireflies ascend in streaks
against the purple dusk sky,
(Let us be attentive)
gracefully dancing like ballerinas
shooting heavenward like
resurrected falling stars.

Their erect posture centers
the collective existence
with backs pressed against
the Yggdrasil under which the Buddha’s
heart opened like a honeysuckle bloom.
(Sophia, Arise!)

Torsos filled with lightning,
my chorus of dancers sing prayers
to the desert saints saying,

“We have the fire in us,
but you have become all flame.
Enlighten our life, fathers.
Show us how to be the Mercy Seat
like Mother Mary: the surrendering Panagia.”

(through the prayers of the Theotokos,
Savior, save us)

(i believe in one God)

From One
to two
to Three.
The myriad reflections
of all that we see
have their first word
within the divine Tao

who is
and was

and will be
the love that moves our tender
eyes behind the temple veil
[the curtain that was torn in two]
to behold the uncreated energies
like the healing virtues of a salve.
(Kyrie eleison)

Surrounded by the soft
glow of candle flames burning
and suspended
before the icons of grace and mercy,
my heart reflects, not the light,
but the simple joy of the fireflies
worshiping at night.

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