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The Eyes Deceive What the Mind Perceives

“I see she has royalty in her blood. The way she holds her back slightly arched, chin in. She carries a grace; she flows. Her perfectly toned shoulders press up … Continue reading

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The Serenade

Softly now. Let us drown the newborn in blessed kisses. Set it ablaze. Walk with me. Our futures are intertwined like threads in a Persian tapestry. Rising and falling, upright … Continue reading

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Child’s Play

  Draw a line. Now, draw another line. Were they parallel? Perpendicular? Did you make them touch or keep them separated? Did you even draw the lines? Find a piece … Continue reading

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A Love Affair

In the cemetery. The headstone read Look For Hope Elsewhere. Hope was elsewhere. She was pulling the eckrob from the dishwasher in the back of the restaurant. Pulling the udders … Continue reading

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We were gods among men. The ever spitting, moaning from hangovers, time stopping deities. Where everyone saw lines, we saw wiggles. Where we saw rainbows, everyone else saw blue. We … Continue reading

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Sleep my Child

Under the minaret of the street corner mosque, I walked.  The day had gradually become darker and darker from the clouds forming above my head.  The summer heat still burned … Continue reading

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Entirely About Edamame

It’s a lonely thing- going crazy. Everyone has their preconceived ideas of insanity, but the reality is, not all crazies are the same. I do not belong in the psycho … Continue reading

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Calling for Amber

Like any other night, Tommy walked out of his back door to sit on the patio. Gin in hand, he leaned back in the weather-worn rocking chair and reached into … Continue reading

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