J. C. Kuehn Miller

Read. Write. Repeat. Aspire to be a Janitor.

Un Autre Genre de Silence

I started this poem at one ‘til twelve undoubtedly it’s minuit maintenant… Tu dors dans ta chambre Et je rêve ici under the belfry. Forget the lost time we have; we could start … Continue reading

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Cataracts & Catechisms

Forgetting all that we use to be following shadows down these foreign corridors watching the ghosts as they walk by, whispering a hollow tune caught by spider’s webs and the … Continue reading

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Forget Me Not: Your Name

For that first glance, the second embrace The third gasp for air-I’ve waited too many years. Who knew that such a distance would bring us closer Than ever before? Deciding … Continue reading

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We are the hollow eyes wearily searching for a constant high when we’re brought low strangled by strangers’ hands and floating seaweed tangled around the ankles below the face of … Continue reading

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Child’s Play

  Draw a line. Now, draw another line. Were they parallel? Perpendicular? Did you make them touch or keep them separated? Did you even draw the lines? Find a piece … Continue reading

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Cackalacky V

Faint scribbled lines on a water-stained paper was pressed against the stump in the backyard by the wind on an early autumn morning. The fog was playing in the treetops … Continue reading

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God in the Rafters

I need to go home, but it’s a long drive back. I must leave to get these voices out of my head, they talk to me when I’m alone– nothing … Continue reading

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